Helping Businesses Grow For 50 Years!!!
Michelle Anderson
Your Virtual Assistant
We help business owners find the tools to grow their businesses. The method and the message is not the same for every business. We provide what will work for yours right now!!!
We have all your business needs under one roof
What Does Your Business Need:
To Cut Expenses, 
Get More Customers, 
See Customers More Often,
Customers Who Spend More Money
Recieving Payments
  Fee Free Processing
Electronic Checks
Cash On Demand
ACH Transactions
ATM Machines
More Customers
24/7 Facebook Assistant
Customer Acquisition
Website Sales Funnels
Video Advertising 
Digital Marketing
Customers More Often
VIP Club
Appointment Reminder
Birthday Clubs
Customers On Demand
Reputation Marketing
 Spending More
Progressive Mobile Sites
Event Retargeting 
 Rewards Program
Mobile Coupons
AI Sales Funnels
Does Your Business Need a Custom Solution
Talk With Our Solutions Team
They can give you ideas that may not cost you any more that what you are already spending
A lot of times they will see you spending the right amount of money just not in the right place. We do believe that it takes money to make money, we just don't believe that you have to spend more money to make more money.
Our Solutions Team can look at your processes and maybe simply help you tweak where your money is going. Normally you can use money that is being wasted to get the results that you expected to get.
Business Owner Training and Learning Portal
Business Owner Resource Center
The Ultimate Learning Portal is a resource area that is constantly expanding tool that allows business owners or their staff to see the latest videos and whitepapers to explain products they have or have considered.  A robust FAQ and SAQ will grow with the questions business owner ask and questions our staff thinks should be asked.  

Being a part of the Ultimate Family means that we want to grow together.  Our Family rule is Once In Always In.  So even if you feel the need to change products you will always have access to the learning portal as a special "Thank You"

Additionally we will have a special phone number for our former business owner to call in case you have questions in the future and want our opinion on products.
Merchant Support / Customer Service Team
Customer Action Team
So often companies will give you a customer support number.  We will give you a customer support team that is standing by.  We hope that you will never need to find out how great your support team is.

The support team will also be able to provide you other resources that you need in business.  We have a Rolodex of people who can provide almost any service you can imagine.  

And our support services are growing every day.  So ask if we can help.  You may help us add another service that we didn't have yesterday.
Additional Services We Can Provide
Solutions You Can Trust
Cash Flow Management
Is the lack of cash hindering your business growth.
Social Media
What Social Media should you be in today? It may surprise you.
Communication Friendly
We chat, email, phone, text, even our 24/7/365 AI Assistants.
One Stop Solutions
Why have multiple vendors trying to work together we can do it all.
High Integrity
We do what we say, when we say and how we say, period!!!
Knowing Your Business
Put us to work doing what you don't want to do.
How Do People Find You
Helping new customers find you and your business easily.
 More Ways To Provide
More locations or more places to sell, we will find them for you
Tell Our Team What You Need
to make your business a rockstar!!!
"I was too busy working my business to be able to grow my business..."
"I was in fight to survive and could not see that just a few simple changes and I would be watching my business grow. I would never have been able to step away and find a solution or the money to grow. Thank you!..."
“I was losing sleep every night just trying to figure out how to pay tomorrows bills. The answer was in front of me all the time ...”
Christy Filson
Flowers and More
"I never imagined how much money I was losing..."
" and how it was effecting my family watching me struggle. Your Solutions Team found wasted expenses and missing customers. More Customers, More Often, Spending More is a real solution for any business...

...My family and I can't thank you enough"
Rowel Johnson
Hometown Auto Salon
Stop Struggling 
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